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Here's what happened this week at the world's hottest design and branding shop:

They installed railings on our roof deck. Good news: they look great. Bad news: it's going to be much more difficult to push people off.

In the week long slugfest featuring jelly beans and the wiffle ball bat, Justus hit a couple of home runs - actually slamming beans a few rooftops away. Don't let Leigh fool you though - she's a slugger, and a close second to Justus. Kevin, btw, pitches like a girl. Stop by for a few swings (and swigs) when the weather's nice.

I wrote my first article for a weekly trade publication. That's right, something on paper! I'll let you in on all of the details if it actually makes it to the printing press.

Leigh produced a special edition booklet for 30 Seconds to Mars. Fans who buy the music on iTunes get the booklet for free. We created a contest site that collected fan submitted photos, and then compiled them together for this special piece. I think it will be available on iTunes next week.

David and Paul produced a video jukebox for the same band, featuring their awesome new video. We're not allowed to show it yet (MTV still has the exclusive), but it should launch sometime next week. Amazingly cool video.

Also completed: A b2b microsite, pending client approval for launch; an internet movie to be incorporated into a new site design, and lots of other stuff you could care less about.

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