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Here's what happened this week at the world's hottest design and branding shop:

On Tuesday, David directed a photoshoot with Jim Coon. The shots will be used in a microsite we're developing for a b2b company.

Warm weather finally graced the northeast!!! Our rooftop patio was in full swing this week. Kevin and Justus purchased their wiffle ball bat, and tested the aerodynmamics of objects flying off the roof. Jelly beans were fun, but apparently grapes are the best. They both welcome you to come on over for a few swings and a beer, and see how far you can hit a grape. Bring your own grapes. We're all out.

I spent a couple of days touring colleges in Boston with my son, and even wrote an article on the experience, from the marketer/branding professional's point of view.

We received the new prototype blister packaging for a new package design we've conceptualized for HeadBlade. And it ROCKS. Can't wait to see this one in stores.

Today, Justus got a new G5. He's totally stoked that his old machine died this week.

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FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Hi Darryl, wonderful blog, unbelieveable information and links. One of the best I've seen.. Was just poking through aarchives and saw this one.. You touring colleges in Boston with your son.. You said you had written an article on the experience from a marketer's point of view.. We do a lot of work in the Higher Ed Arena, and would love to hear what you have to say on this experience. Is there a place where we can view the article

Thanks so much, have a great holiday

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