important life lesson for clients

We're fortunate that all of our current clients are smarter than this ;-), but every creative shop has run into this situation before: the hallway test. This is where the client takes your work around the hallways of their office, and gets a "consensus" on what's the best treatment to go with. Ugh. I'm sick in my stomach just thinking about it.

The Bullshit Observer has an OUTSTANDING post on why you should never, ever, ever, ever use the hallway test in your company.

The other variation on the hallway test, is the "let's involve everyone" plan. This is where in an attempt to be a team-oriented company, the client has 11 people on the committee responsible for approving the creative. This method generates the most mediocre creative, and the slowest process possible.

Trust your agency. Always. ;-) Justus is saluting our clients that "get it", in the photo above. From Ad-rag.

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