darryl meets some famous sports dudes

As part of the Paper Week celebration, I was fortunate to be invited to the annual Cellmark Graphics party. It's always a really good time, held at the The Campbell Apartment, an amazing space, if you've never been. The rest of the crew here were also invited - but turned it down, so that they could stay at home and watch television. Hmm.

After arriving at the party, Andy Clark mentions that Goose Gossage from the New York Yankees, and Carl Banks from the NY Giants are here. I should have my photo taken with them. If you're a regular reader, you realize that I know nothing about team sports. And I have NO idea who these two people are. But I also know that Justus is a HUGE Giants fan. And that Kevin is a HUGE Yankees fan. So, it's my job to make them rue the fact that they stayed home. That's my job.

Not only were there pictures to be had - but there's also a signed Carl Banks photo and Goose Gossage baseball on my desk. I could give them to Kevin and Justus, but....

I'll send each piece FREE to the first CLIENT (that's a true Giants or Yankees fan) to call me and ask for it. And Justus and Kevin can just enjoy the picture of me, dwarfing those two other guys, above.

So thanks to the Cellmark crew - Andy, Peter, Mark, Mike, Kendra, Brenna and all - and thanks to Carley and Tom at Trade Dimensions for a super fun night!

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