chevy gone wild

Here's an outstanding example of the risk associated with producing a social media campaign. Chevy created a site that allows users to produce their own commercials. Excellent idea - but check out the version that's gone viral. Really funny.

Not exactly the message they wished to promote, I'm sure. But at the same time, I agree with Adrants - the team responsible for this at Chevy HAD to know this was going to happen. And they're probably ecstatic that the blogosphere is talking about it.

Maybe they assume that the average SUV buyer isn't concerned about global warming or environmental issues, or that they'd be resistant to anti-Chevy marketing. Or maybe they find the overall attention outdoes the negative attention. So Chevy has kept the version live. Which is the right thing to do - no matter how difficult it is for the brand management team. And the discussion frenzy will continue. Thanks Eliza!

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