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Here's what happened this week at the world's hottest design and branding shop:

Justus launched a couple of sites. You'll especially enjoy one of them - DataAddictsAnonymous. This is a microsite for Trade Dimensions - a company that specializes in retail industry research and guides. The site is hilarious - and plays off of the alleged "data addiction" that many of their clients have.

Justus then proceeded to leave for vacation on Wednesday. We're all jealous. We're looking for embarassing artwork to replace his desktop wallpaper with. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Leigh's working on conceptual work for a site redesign of outdoor adventure company. We completed their blog last week, which should be launching soon.

David and Brent created loads of Bubba Sparxxx online collateral, including a banner campaign, ecards and other stuff. It's all a part of his online ad campaign, promoting the new release. They also did some production on the Massive Attack site.

Kevin called the Carnegie Deli, to make sure they knew that our blog is officially one year old. We're pretty sure that he's never allowed to eat there again.

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