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Justus, Kevin and I completed a video shoot over the weekend. Really funny stuff, for a site that will launch in the next week or so. Justus completed edits for the clip yesterday. And - he ended up with a part in the video! We'll keep you posted.

Dave dug deeper into his fetish, and completed a second day of shooting peoples feet, for a site that he's designing. He also completed some design concepts for some revisions to the 30 Seconds To Mars site. We produced their current site, and we're adding some cool new stuff, as the band continues to take off and tour the US.

Leigh created a blog design for an outdoor adventure company. Their blog should be launching next week, sometime. We also produced a site strategy and plan for a redesign of their corporate site. Work should begin on that next week.

I really don't know what Kevin did this week. I saw some new wallpaper of a half naked girl on his computer desktop - so there's definitely that.

Received proofs/samples of our all-new VIA buttons! They're totally awesome. We'll have buttons to give away in a week or so. You'll really need to kiss our butts (or send us a new project) to get a full set. Wow - you give us a big budget design project, we give you 68 cents worth of buttons. Sounds like a deal.

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