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Here's a new idea, we'll try. A snapshot of what happened during the week at the world's hottest design and branding shop.

This week:

Our building lost power on Monday. Totally sucked. We kept thinking the power would come back in an hour or so. Took a nice long company lunch at some Japanese joint. Bichiro, Hichiro, or something like that. Went home early, and started the week one day behind.

David got a taste of foot fetishism. At a photo shoot on Wednesday, he directed many shots of peoples feet. Client's feet. People in slippers, in heels, in rugby cleats, in strapped up sexy shoes (so he says).

Justus and Kevin prepare for two video shoots, one happening this weekend, the other one on Tuesday of next week. Lots of props around the office today. Two funny shoots - we'll show you clips when the productions are complete.

Found out that one of the viral sites we've created,, hit traffic spikes of over 50K people a day. That's the way to sell music!

Leigh launched a site that she's been working on, for a client in the pet industry. We can't show it to you, because it's a "soft launch", and we're not supposed to promote it until our brand awareness campaign kicks off. Send Leigh an email if you want a link.

Cynthia, our favorite freelancer performed masterful photoshop work on people's butts. For real. Seriously funny viral promotion, coming soon.

I pitched two new potential clients this week, which is always cool. Very fun people, in industries that I think we can do some cool work in. One's a chain of laundromats (no, really - there's going to be some FUN work here), and the other's a sports marketing company - for which we have a ton of industry appropriate experience for.

Not bad for a four day work week.

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