BrandNoise posts about Subway's new site targeted towards teens - They point out that as a sandwich company, teens will never see you as a credible content aggregator. And this is completely true.

But Get-Sa doesn't feel like a content site. It's a microsite, with "entertaining" clips, probably created by their agency. Likely in the hopes that, just one clip would be good enough to go viral. Is this really any different than the countless consumer branded microsites that preceded Get-Sa?

For that matter, how different are the Subway clips from commercials that entertain, but don't sell product benefits? So there's a fine line, I guess, between commercials and content. But they can both be entertainment. Right?


Anonymous said...

Subway originally did not brand the site. There was no connection to Subway officially.

darryl ohrt said...

Ahhh. Well that makes sense then. In that case, I'd agree with BrandNoise. Make sandwiches, not content.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

We produced this project - 60 pieces in all - so hopefully that qualifies me to say that Subway's brand was always present on the site. It was never meant to be secret or even stealthy.

And of course we're going to see a lot more of the Madison + Vine approach to content now - branded entertainment and "partnerships" as well. In fact, part of SA!'s media buy was a channel on Heavy. Axe's show and SA! are really just expressions of another hybridization push, driven by marketers' search for more authentic relationships with consumers, not less authentic. TIVO should make any marketer/advertiser ask - how do we become something that people actually seek out? And how do you do it when you can't afford to hire Ang Lee to shoot a short film?

So the seed here is actually be entertaining. The idea that it's an expression of contempt is just totally off the mark, regardless of its ultimate entertainment value with teens (or you guys!). And of course Subway is doing tons of product innovation. Your post suggests SA! is somehow the grand strategy. It's a piece of the picture.


Taylor Bara said...

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