happy birthday brandflakes!

Today, BrandFlakes is officially one year old. That means we've been blogging for 365 days. Or about 260 days, if you remove the weekends. Maybe 250 if you factor in holidays. OK - we've been blogging for a couple of hundred days.

We felt that this occasion was sooo important, that there should be a sandwich named after it. So Kevin called the infamous Carnegie Deli, to see if he could make the arrangements.

You can listen to the call here: windows media, or MP3. Thank you Carnegie Deli!!!


Laura Smith said...

Let's examine the facts:
-The Carnegie Deli names sandwich after Woody Allen because he filmed a movie there.
-They will not name a sandwich Brand Flakes for Breakfast.
-You did not film a movie there (yet).
Sounds like they're leaving you no other choice...

*IPHQ* said...

And this concludes "Meat Week" at BrandFlakes....or does it?

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