creative inspiration found at walgreens

Yesterday, we were at the Walgreens a couple of blocks from our office, looking for Peeps, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, and other easter themed sugar high delights, and we discovered the most wonderful device.

I saw it, and knew that we must have this in our office. It's the Gopher Pick-Up and Reach Tool. As seen on TV.

You can use the Gopher Pick-Up and Reach Tool for a variety of tasks around the office. Like for handling concepts that are too hot. Or for picking up things that are a foot and a half away from you. Or for carrying my Fleetwood Mac CD's. This will save us countless hours of wasted reaching, walking and touching things. I can't imagine how we ever did without it. Justus is pictured above, handling very dangerous glassware. If you stop by, you can try it out. Or get your own at Walgreens.

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