answer that email from the blogger

Not a day goes by here without a client asking "should we have a blog?" And the answer isn't always yes.

Having a blog isn't the only way to benefit from the blogosphere. Beyond Madison Avenue has an excellent post demonstrating how Nettwerk Records benefited from several of their posts, and thousands of brand impressions - all by answering an email from a blogger. What blogs could be writing about your brand?

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Mack Collier said...

Thanks for the mention, Darryl. It is still amazing (and so frustrating) to me at how many companies simply ignore bloggers that contact them. If I contact a company, it's because I think they have an interesting story to share, and one that they could explain better than I could. Basically I am contacting them about letting me do what really amounts to a 3rd-party endorsement for them.

Why anyone would turn that down is beyond me.

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