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Since it doesn't seem that we'll win the best agency blog in the Battle of the Ad Blogs contest, we've got another fun voting site for you.

We just launched a site that we created for rap artist Bubba Sparxxx, MsNewBooty.com. (It's tasteless, but safe for work if you're allowed to see photos of butts like the one above.) But this is not about booty. This is about a sophisticated, viral online promotion tool. At least, that's what I'm telling my wife.

This is actually a fairly complicated interactive production. Girls can submit photos of their booty to the site. There's an extremely user-friendly info gathering and upload tool, that automatically crops and compresses the supplied image.

Images go to an admin area, where Bubba's trusted booty inspectors can view them (Mom, I want to be a booty inspector when I grow up.) Winners get approved, and uploaded to the site - again, using the admin tool.

Site visitors can vote on their favorite booty - with a user-friendly five-star selection method. The site automatically registers the user's vote, and calculates an average rating for each booty. Each week, there are new winners, and the best booty at the end of the contest gets to be in a Bubba Sparxx video.

Says David, who designed the site, "This conceptual work required significant field research. I spent many long nights in front of a computer screen, but in the end, I believe it was worth it."

This is a production that could be applied to your business too. Maybe not the booty part - but any promotion that requires user submissions, voting, and viral promotion. Get off your booty, and think about it!


Anonymous said...

The most sociably & culturally significant site to hit the net in the past ten years.

A "MUST" bookmark!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. "Women with low self-esteem" and a place to exploit them. How original.

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