taking responsibility

I pay careful attention to teenagers - part of staying on top of youth culture, and trends. One of the many remarkeable things I've witnessed most teens go through is the "it's not my fault" stage. During this stage, absolutely nothing is their fault. I mean nothing.

Unfortunately, some people never grow out of this stage. And that's exactly the topic that Seth Godin covers in a post yesterday. It's a story about a Valentine gift arriving a day late. And the seller, Shari's Berries, sends a stock automated email to announce the service failure. And lost a customer forever.

It's always difficult to admit mistakes. My previous post about Lexus is a great example of how to turn the negative into a positive. It's ok to make mistakes. But in our new hyper-transparent, everyone-connected world, it's more important than ever to take responsibility for it when you do. That's it. I'm going to stop preaching, and go make some mistakes now.

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