superbowl stuff

Adrants has the most terrific rundown of spots, with quick reviews.

I agree - the Emerald Nuts ad was stupid. The Toyota Tacoma ad should be considered false advertising. The Ameriquest ads get my vote for most memorable. Really funny.

And the half-time show - rocked. Mick explained to everyone just how old he was, by admitting that they could have played the first SuperBowl. And he proceeded to rock. Or at least he danced really well in a belly shirt. We all should hope that we can move like that, when we're his age. Even better - you can see the Rolling Stones banners that we designed (!) on the official Sprint download site.

Probably most importantly, my system of picking the winning team based on brand equity of the team name and uniform design was proven correct. Either that, or the refs just didn't like the Seahawks.

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Anonymous said...

I totally disagree about the Emerald Nuts ad - I thought it was a riot. Not only that, it did the job (imho) getting the product name out there in a retarded, self-aware way.

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