superbowl mid-morning after thoughts

I completely forgot about the Sprint crime deterrent spot, until reading 24 flinchin's review. That WAS a funny spot.

Diet Pepsi. C'mon. Couldn't you be remotely creative?

Burger King - mixed feelings here. I hated it - and I worship everything the Crispin gods do. Kevin and Justus thought it was great.

Lots of people coming down on the Stones. Here's my take - the Superbowl is now a product of government involvement in media, and a community (blame the person next to you) that has a problem accepting anything too creative in mass media. The White Stripes are not going to play the Superbowl. Just not going to happen. So accept it for what it is - a completely safe, G-rated, appropriate for everyone including grandma rock show. Yes, they eliminated the "dead man come" lyric. Understand that there are now huge constraints over what can be done on television (until the internet replaces it.) Rant over. Deep relaxation breath.

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