mashups are the future, baby.

I've blogged before about our in-house sound system. We have speakers througout our workplace, and there's music playing around the clock. I get a lot of flack for always putting mashups in the system. Like Q-Unit - a mashup of 50 Cent and Queen. Some people just don't appreciate cool music.

Well now, Influx points out that the term is being used to describe business relationships, with a few examples. A business mashup describes the practice of using open source code to create "mashups" of existing applications - to create something entirely different, or better as a combination.

There are countless examples of Google map mashups - using Google maps for other smart applications. Recently, Amazon opened up their code, and mashups have resulted. Perhaps the future corporation will have a mashup department - one floor above the merger and acquisitions department.


David Plain said...

To be honest you don't get enough flack.

darryl ohrt said...

Geez. Lighten up. I believe that Ms Conover's remarks border on insubordination. Perhaps it's time that we add a music appreciation column to our employee evaluation forms.

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