life takes visa

Visa just launched their new brand statement 'Life takes Visa’ replacing "It's Everywhere You Want to Be."

I'm sure the spots and associated campaign will be beautiful - but "Life Takes Visa?" So, what happens to life if you don't have a Visa card? You die? So you can't get through life without it? Feels a little harsh to me. I realize that life takes water. And oxygen. But Visa? "Everywhere you want to be" came across as aspirational. You want to have it. Not that you have to have it.

The infamous Lee Clow from TBWA was said to have hand picked the slogan. For reference, TBWA is the agency that has a Portugal office - that's kicking our ass in the Battle of the Ad Blogs for best Agency Blog. Just thought you'd like to know, in case you haven't voted yet.

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