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For me, the last part of the puzzle to run our business apps as web based tools is finally here. We run several web based applications - so that employees can have access to the tools they need wherever they are.

I use Backpackit exclusively as my 'to do' organizer, and project planner. We use 'writeboards' to generate copy drafts that team members (and clients) across the country can access and edit from the road. And of course, del.icio.us to keep track of our bookmarks. And a while ago, we created our own custom CRM solution for our agency, that allows us to have access to all of our clients, friends and other contacts with a web-based tool. It's pretty cool.

One of the only things missing was a good, web-based calendar program. Until now. This sunday, it appears that the answer is here. 30 Boxes is launching a web based calendar. And it's a social networking site - which might sound scary when it comes to sharing your calendar - but imagine this:
  • Tagging any event on your calendar, and deciding who on your buddy list can view certain tags.
  • See your buddies events on your calendar
  • A calendar that accepts RSS feeds, flickr links and more.
This will change everything! I'll be testing this out for VIA starting Monday - ask me for updates if you're interested.

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