clay is gay?

Nine idiots are suing Clay Aiken's record label because, according to tabloid reports, Clay is gay. Even better - the basis for their suit is that the record labels knew this, and withheld the info. They claim "this is tantamount to a manufacturer concealing information about a defective product."

So - are they saying:
- gay people are defective?
- or that because they purchased the CD, they actually had a chance of dating him?

Were they also surprised when Ellen came out on national TV? Moronic warning labels exist because of morons like this. CAUTION: your coffee is hot. I can already see the warning label on future CD's:

This artist may or may not be gay. As a buyer of this CD, you are not in any way assured the slightest chance of dating this artist, regardless of his/her sexuality. The buyer of this CD assumes all risk and responsibility that may result from perceived, reported or actual sexuality of the artist."


Anonymous said...

It is so sad that the tactics of persons with an agenda to "out" a public person continues to be successful. By couching their assertion that Clay is gay in this hoax of a story, they accomplish their goal.

There is no evidence anywhere that this story is accurate. No "fans", no suit, no basis in reality.

Mr. Ohrt was moved to blog and comment about how "idiotic" and "moronic" this story and its players would be, if true. Unfortunately, he was not moved to check its origins but to repeat it in all its ridiculousness.

Anonymous said...

This just in...

"This story is half truthful. What happened was John promised Clay a date with the gorgeous and perfect Aria Giovanni (who happens to be an adult star) Clay had pictures of her on his computer (even people who know Clay have said she was on his desktop at one time). They were gonna meet at a hotel because Aria was flying in. Aria (who like Clay, swings both ways) couldn't make it because her husband said she couldn't get involved with Clay or something (a publicist said that he felt threatened and even jealous of Clay). I guess John arranged an everything. He did start talking to Clay online though. Clay told people that he was "bisexual" for the past two years that knew him but told people he was straight on television so it didn't ruin his image, so if you think John is lying about the entire story, you are wrong."

I guess Clay swings both ways. That is why he denied he was gay but never said he was straight because he is bisexual.

Anonymous said...

guy has it going so why worry about sex life

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