20 minute brainstorm

We tried something new in our office the other day, and it worked out pretty well. Justus was looking for some input and ideas on a package design project that he's working on. Normally, we'd all get together in our brainstorm area, and see what happens.

But this time, we did a fast track brainstorm exercise. We stopped everything for 20 minutes - and each of us needed to come up with as many ideas and examples of cool packaging that we could, in that amount of time. Use the internet, use design annuals, any of the books in our library, just find as much as you can in twenty minutes.

We announced each five minute period "15 minutes left", and at the end "put our pencils down", and everyone shared what they came up with.

This was really effective. After 20 minutes, Justus had more than ten new ideas to play with. I think it was the 20 minute deadline that worked. No time to over-think. No time to worry about whether this idea was good enough. Just crammin' Try it sometime!

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