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If you know me well, you probably know that I'm clueless when it comes to team sports. When talk of playoffs start around our office, I usually pick winners by the "brand equity" of their names. For instance, the Pirates could kick the Bengals ass. Because that's what Pirates do. They kick ass. Who's going to mess with a guy wearing an eye patch carrying a machete? A Bengal? I don't think so.

(Kevin and Justus will now probably kick my ass and point out that the Bengals are a hockey team, and the Pirates are a football team. Or something like that, I'm sure.)

Anyway - I was pretty stoked to see that ESPN has a column devoted entirely to uniform design. Which is my other successful method to picking winning teams - uniform and logo design. Right on, ESPN.

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Kenny said...

(Pittsburgh) Pirates, baseball.

(Cincy) Bengals, football.

The Burghers are too blue collar to be taken. The Ohioans don't have anything else to do *but* prepare for the rumble.

The Bengals have a better color scheme. Unless you count in the old school Pirates. The Bengals get 11 into the tussle, the Pirates only nine. Oh yeah, the Bengals are (impressively) a playoff team again. The Pirates (or Bucs, if you like) haven't been to the baseball postseason in ... well more than a decade.

Advantage: Pittsburg Penguins (hockey). They'll lull you in with cuteness, and then swat you with that stick.

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