latest social networking sites numbers

USA Today reports on the number of members for the top social networking sites:
Nov. 2004: 4.9 million
Nov. 2005: 26.7 million
Nov. 2004: N/A
Nov. 2005: 11.1 million
Nov. 2004: 5.8 million
Nov. 2005: 7.9 million

MySpace "is growing by an amazing 160,000 new users a day, according to MediaPost". We're now producing custom MySpace sites for VIA clients - and are doing some pretty interesting stuff. Contact us and find out what's possible for your brand.

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Anonymous said...

MySpace continues to absolutely amaze me. That has got to be one of the worst interfaces, designs and brands (the first time I heard someone say myspace I thought it was for 6 year olds learning to share). But, they continue to grow and grow and grow, despite everything I thought I knew about what makes for a successful site. My theory was that with our youth becoming more and more media and brand savvy that only the best looking, best functioning, best of the best would survive online. Interesting.

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