how blogs doubled sales for Stormhoek

Every product manager should read this post on Adrants.

I'm constantly met with the conversation "should our company start a blog?" Of course, there are many reasons you might. But the first question is always, who do you want to reach? The Adrants post is an excellent case study of U.K. wine brand Stormhoek, and how the blogging community helped them double sales in less than 12 months.

Stormhoek used a smart approach. They didn't just create a Stormhoek blog, and expect the masses to start reading. They reached out to their audience. To their blogs. And started conversations about their product. They helped break open the porous membrane. The "wall" between what the company is saying, and what the audience is saying. Through blogs, they were able to allow their audience to have the same conversations about their product as the product managers were having. Things were in sync.

Wine buyers noticed. Retailers noticed that wine buyers noticed, and stocked more product. More product in stores brought attention to even more customers. More conversation, more product sales.

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