google in regional pontiac campaign

In the book "The World is Flat", Thomas Friedman makes the statement "Google is God."

A new post on Adjab shows an excellent example of how Google has become the see everything, be everywhere search tool. The post refers to a new regional television ad for Pontiac, where the viewers are urged "Don't take our word for it. Google Pontiac and discover for yourself." The spot shows a Google screen, with "Pontiac" typed in.

Here's an advertiser who realizes that people rely on the power of the internet to complete their purchasing decisions. People don't just view a tv spot, and run to the store.

From AdJab:
That's a huge step forward and much better than making the assumption that a 30-second spot has given the audience all the information they need and they're just chomping at the bit to get in their cars to drive to the dealership. People are smarter and have more tools at their disposal than ever before to cut through the jargon and devices advertising relies on.

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