coke does smart media buy for superbowl

There's always a smarter, more creative way to your goal. Rather than paying $2.6 million per spot during the Super Bowl, Coke will be spending only half that - by purchasing the naming rights to the last 30 minutes of the pregame show on ABC. It will be titled the Full Throttle Kickoff Show, promoting their Full Throttle energy drink - in an effort to compete with the category leader, Red Bull.

According to Ad-Jab, that block of programming will not only include frequent name-dropping of Full Throttle but also 2.5 minutes of actual commercial time including a 60-second spot that shows a Full Throttle semi truck going up against the Red Bull minivan. That's smart media buying. Meanwhile, the Full Throttle package design is still ugly.

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dear brand flakes for breakfast, reading your blog is the best part of my day.

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