being approachable is good for business

Steve Rubel, blogging from the Word of Mouth marketing conference writes about Scott Ginsberg, and his company, HELLO, my name is Scott. Mr. Ginsberg says that being approachable is good for business. He offers four key principles to being approachable:

Do something cool
Be that guy (e.g. the go-to person on a subject)
Cultivate fans, not customers
Own a word
Market yourself daily

I love this advice. To this day, I can't believe how many design firms fly with a snotty do you know who I am? attitude rather than being approachable. As if people will put them on some pedestal, if they just act more important. Hilarious. Asses.

We've always taken just the opposite approach as the snot hole designers. We constantly make fun of ourselves. We realize that design and branding work isn't surgery. Or engineering. We're probably not going to save anyone's life. And we don't know everything. (Especially math.) So check out Scott's site, and blog. And be approachable today.

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