behind the scenes with steve jobs

How many times do you rehearse an important presentation? What kind of resources do you allocate to a major presentation? Have you ever watched Steve Jobs delivering one of his magical keynotes, and thought "How simple. How brilliant."

Well, the media frenzy is already buzzing in anticipation of Steve Jobs' presentation next week. Rumours are all over the Internet about what he might be showcasing.

Here's a behind the scenes look at what's involved in a typical Steve Jobs keynote, written by someone who was on his team. What seems like a simple, elegant presentation is actually a super produced, ultra rehearsed stage show. It's the ultimate presentation, produced with the talents of many people from the Apple organization. This is a real candid look at all of the planning, preparation and production that's involved behind the scenes. It's also a peek at what a demanding, driven and talented leader Steve Jobs appears to be.

Ever have your laptop freeze in the middle of a presentation? Then you'll appreciate this excerpt from the article: "Then there are the people who set up all the computers used in the keynote, each with at least one backup that can be instantly brought online with the flick of a switch." That's presentation Jobs style.

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