via holiday classics

A couple of years ago, as our VIA holiday card, we recorded and produced an entire Christmas Music album. The songs have become "classics" with our friends and clients in our own heads. Mostly, they serve as an annual reminder that we shouldn't ever quit our day jobs.

We figured you might like to have them as MP3 files, for your iPod, this year. Or, if you didn't know us back then - please allow us to show you the scarier side of VIA.

So now, you can download them all:
Little Drummer Boy
Christmas in Hollis
Feliz Navidad
Winter Wonderland
Bonus Track

Leigh says she's glad that she wasn't with the company back then, and is grateful that she didn't have to sing "Santa Baby."


Anonymous said...

Oh how very grateful I am... just hoping there won't be a "Do You Hear What We Hear" volume 2 in 2006 (please no requests). Ha.

*IPHQ* said...

You guys are out of control.

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