holiday greetings

We just released our 2005 holiday greeting card. If you're on our list, you've just received the box above. (Not on the list? Send us an email.) When recipients open the box, they receive a certificate sending them to A Christmas Gory.

Inspired by the now infamous remixed Shining trailer, we produced a remixed version of A Christmas Story - in the form of a trailer. We've remixed it as A Christmas Gory. At the Christmas Gory website, you'll see the remixed trailer as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage about the production.

So far - this has been a HUGE hit. It's already gone viral, and has been featured on BoingBoing,, Adrants, San Francisco Chronicle's blog, and hundreds of other blogs (that we love) in the blogosphere. It's also currently the 10th most bookmarked site on the delicious charts!!!

Hope you like it! Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I'm sending an email now! Do you ship to Canada?

darryl ohrt said...

Of course we ship to Canada. Any country that spawned Loverboy AND Celine Dion is a friend of ours.

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