13 days till tasty treats

Several years ago, we began working with Eliza Sweet at Word Association. She's created a pretty special (yet unintentional) holiday tradition in our office. Back in 2002 she delivered a special package of baked goods. We're not talking stuff from a bakery (not that there's anything wrong with that,) but home-made goodness. One treat in particular, which she's named white trash, has us salivating at the mere thought of it.

Last year, by December 3, we were so badly needing our fix of white trash, we (kind of obnoxiously) bugged Eliza daily to find out when she was planning to show up with our beloved gift. Yes - rude, obnoxious, selfishly assuming we're getting something every year - but white trash will do that to you.

This year, in an effort to squash our pre-delivery campaign of "when does white trash arrive?", Eliza has given us a delivery date. December 19th. We can't wait. If you're nearby, you'll need to stop by VIA offices for a taste. If you live far away, book a flight today - it will be worth it - we promise. BTW - the pic above is of some other cookie I found on the internet. There are no photos of white trash. Don't even try - her recipe's more secure than the secret formula for Coke. mmmmmm. white trash.

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