new at&t logo

We all knew it was going to happen. The redesign of the infamous Saul Bass "deathstar" logo for AT&T. It's here, and the design blogs are all over it.

Lots of mixed reaction on the new look from designers, and, well, most people don't like change. I like the fact that they went to lowercase logo type, as it does seem friendlier. I also kind of like the stripes from the other side - although, they don't really seem to match up with the ones on the front. Anyway - get used to it. They'll be spending kabillions of dollars making sure that you recognize it.


Anonymous said...

Darryl - Bill B. here.

I hate the new logo. It reminds me of those horrible peppermint candies that my grandmother had in a dish in her living room from the end of World War II until she dies in 1981.

I'm not talking about the same SORT of candy. I mean the same ACTUAL pieces of candy.

She always made me take one, and now AT&T has institutionalized that traumatic childhood memory.

I'll be switching to VoIP, if only to avoid the phone bills with that thing printed on it.

darryl ohrt said...

mmmm. peppermints.

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