mini drawing tool

The work that CP&B has done for Mini is of course, awesome. Their magazine inserts continually amaze - from both a creative standpoint as well as a "pulling out all the stops with the budget" standpoint. The insert above is in the current issue of Metropolis, and is an actual plastic drawing tool, to help you imagine your own Mini. Nice work.


*IPHQ* said...

Just when you think that CP+B is just the daughter darling of the moment, they go and produce something like this. I'll admit that I have been hesitant to jump on their wagon, but the continued brilliance that shines through in every Burger King commercial I see and this whoop-a** Mini insert starts to make me more of a believer - especially since they make me take notice of brands that I really don't care too much about.

Anonymous said...

CP+B sucks

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