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For those that chose to sleep rather than shop at 5am this morning, I figured I'd start a post to serve as a holiday gift guide. You're a creative person. People expect you to give creative gifts. Slippers just won't do. So here's a start to some really cool, unique gift ideas. Please add your own ideas in the comments field, so that we can grow this list. If we can stop just one person from wandering the mall like a zombie on December 24, it will be worth it.

Creatives Care t-shirt Not only a cool t-shirt, but profits help hurricane victims.

This particular floppy disk notebook will probably be sold by the time you read this - but Etsy is a great site for individually hand made gifts - or great ideas for artful gifts that you can make yourself.

Here's something for the geek on your list. It's a desktop aquarium that plugs into the usb port on your computer. Super cool.

I want this. It's a remote control that turns off any TV. Walk into BestBuy, and at the push of a button, watch the sales staff freak out when the entire TV department shuts down. Your CEO is giving a BORING PowerPoint presentation? Shut it down.

Who can't love an ugly doll? If you give this gift to a guy, just be sure to call it an ugly action figure.

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Old school handsets for your cell phone or VOIP phone. These rock:

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