danger danger - where's my logo?

Danger Doom, an underground rap group I know you all jam to on the way to work, has released a record using Cartoon Network's Adult Swim characters like Space Ghost, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and others. We're rockin' the album in the office as you read this.

ATTENTION: Marketing-Speak to commence, NOW:
What's great brand-wise about this is that there are no logos of Cartoon Network or Adult Swim anywhere on the album. There's a belief that because of this lack of marketing there will be an increase in word of mouth that will create an even stronger buzz. Armchair Media has this to say: "The album doesn’t come across as an advertisement so much as a cultural reference. It’s not a marketing ploy so much as an experience that essentially uses branded assets."

Uh, yeah. Get the album - be cooler than your friends.

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