the warrens were here

In a follow up to our post last week about our building being haunted, Kevin contacted the Warrens today. He spoke to Lorraine Warren, who had visited our building a few years ago. Lorraine confirmed that the building is indeed haunted. There are photographs which apparently show some of this activity (we're working on getting copies!), and the ghosts include an older man, and a young woman.

Ms. Warren also indicated that some photos show an ugly hag looking creature. (Kevin swears he was not on site when they took these pictures, so it can't be him). Here's some more details from his interview:

Kevin: Are they bad spirits?
Lorraine Warren: Oh no, these are good spirits. The hag could be there to scare off people.

Kevin: Are there any spirits on our floor?
LW: No, there was no activity in the upper level of the building. All the activity we found was in the lower level. The gentleman was a caretaker for the building.

Kevin: Can we contact them?
LW: Oh, god no. You don't want to do that. That's the worst thing that you could do. You'll open up all kinds of doors, and you never know what will come through. Usually, it's bad.

Wow! That's a lot of information for us to absorb. We'll continue to investigate, and report the details as we discover them.

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