there really are ghosts in our building

If you've been following our posts, you know that our building (an old theater) is supposedly haunted. The Warrens have been here, and plenty of other people in the building have experienced ghostly activities. We even embarked on our own ghost hunt, earlier this week.

Today, we were planning to do a seance, and attempt to contact some of the spirits in our building. The response that we've received from friends, clients, and readers of BrandFlakes has been overwhelming. Several people (including the Warrens) have strongly recommended against a seance. Two of our employees here were also very uncomfortable with participating in such an event.

So here's what we've done instead... Last night, we setup a camera, prior to leaving our building. We focused the camera on our brainstorm area, which is in the center of our work space. And we ACTUALLY CAPTURED SOMETHING ON VIDEO. All I can say is, it's creepy, so listen carefully. Check it out for yourself.

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