our place is haunted (update)

On Friday, we embarked on our own mission to document the alleged ghosts in our building. The Warrens have been here (and seen ghosts), other businesses in the building have experienced some pretty odd stuff, and we figured that it should all be documented. And we've seen Ghost Hunters, so we're pretty much professionals.

At around 3pm (the time usually reserved for coffee and sugar runs) a handful of us ventured down into the bowels of our building. The scariest, creepiest and grodiest part of our building are the rear stairwells (pictured above), so that's where we headed first. You can see photos in our slide show of our travels. We didn't really find anything (other than a chicken bone) worthy of reporting in the stairwells. We did however, record a humorous clip inspired by that show Fear that used to run on MTV.

Determined to find a ghost, we headed to the recording studio in our building, which is housed in what used to be dressing rooms for the Empress Theater. The studio was closed for the day. But prior to leaving, we took a snapshot of their door - and here's what we can't explain - there's a misty haze floating in front of their door. We all swear it wasn't there when we took the shot - but there's clearly something in the photo. A reflection? You decide!

LATER THIS WEEK: See the exclusive interview with a woman who was driven away from her job in the building by ghosts!

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