only old people watch tv

Not that any of this is much of a surprise, but the latest numbers confirm what we've been droning on and on about forever now. TV's audience is getting older. Even the "young" network, the WB, shows an average age viewer over 37. The super rickety old people watch CBS - with a median age of 52.

I'm curious what we'll see develop in the coming years of video on demand - not from your cable provider, but from services like Google, and now of course, iTunes. It certainly seems like that's the future of television. Programs that you want, when you want them, on a computer, instead of a tv. With video iPods, and VODcasts, there's also some great opportunity for early entries into the market. Think about that. What could you be VODcasting?

Whatever. Even if it makes me old, I still like Lost.

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