the new ad age

Newsweek (and ad-rag) report on the "new ad age", and it's interactive. (Big surprise!) A couple of cool points:

* Broadband users now make up 42 percent of the U.S. population, up from 36 percent in January of this year.
* Video is becoming a more important tool online, as more people with broadband can view it.

We're finding this true here, as well. We've seen a considerable uptick in the amount of video creation we've done in the last few months - and every bit of it has been produced for delivery online.

More and more, our clients are producing separate microsites to promote their events, individual products or specific promotions. The days of producing a single company website are long gone. (And we're liking that trend a bunch). Meanwhile, audiences are participating, and loving every minute of it. From Newsweek: "the voluntary ad-watchers don't just go to a promo Web site once; they will often visit repeatedly. According to Linkner, the average visitor to the ePrize sites returns five to seven times over the 60- to 90-day life of the promotion."

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