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Here's an interview at Fast Company with Dany Lennon, president, the Creative Register Inc. - where she talks about what she looks for in great creatives. And she apparently knows what she's doing. She's placed Paul Silburn, executive creative director, Fallon North America; Dan Morales, creative director, TAXI NY; and many other hot shots.

When asked if people are looking for a different type of person as a Creative Director today versus a few years back she had an excellent example - "I just got a call yesterday from an agency looking for an executive creative director, and they don't care if the candidate has a background as a copywriter, art director, or designer. They want a visionary--someone who can see not only what's happening now but what's possible in the next 15 to 20 years."

That's a great philosophy - and one that we follow here in developing talent. Creativity now requires talent that can see beyond individual job roles. Here, everyone's involved in the process - not just a designer, not just the person responsible for the project - but every single person has input into creative on any of the projects that we take on. Which in the end, has been great for business, but also great for employees.

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