burger king + focus = success

This month's Creativity Magazine has a great article on creative marketers, and includes spotlights on the marketers behind Adidas, Converse, ESPN, and a few others. One of the features is of course, Burger King - which has quickly become a case study of viral marketing success stories.

From the outside, it appears as though BK has taken a huge risk - and went out on a limb to produce some extremely creative marketing and branding. But there's one point made in this article that really says it all - and it's about having focus.

The strategy behind all of the new BK campaigns is that they're targeting what BK's CMO, Russ Klein calls "superfans" of "hardcore, fast food hamburger restaurant patrons". Turns out these are dudes. Why try and market your chain to everyone, when you can focus on the guys that are eating six, seven or even eight times a week in this category?

So what so many people see as a huge risk is, in reality - hyper focused, classic marketing. BK identified it's core audience and went after it, big time. And meanwhile, McDonalds continues to attempt a marketing campaign aimed at everyone. (Creativity requires a paid subscription and super-cumbersome registration process to view their articles online, so if you want a copy, email me, and I'll send you one.)

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