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Why should you watch Stanley Kubrick's The Shining this Halloween season?

Well according to Michael Dare's website (portal to all that is The Shining),

"Most horror films aren’t very suspenseful on second viewing; you know where all the surprises are. But in refusing to rely on any of the cinematic shock effects currently in vogue, Kubrick has made a film that gets more frightening every time you see it. This, combined with the fact that he twisted King’s sardonic tale of possession into a comment on American television, makes The Shining a perfect home video horror show."

Why blood flowing from the elevators?
Why the twins?
Why the guy in the bear suit?
Why doesn't Jack look at the waiter in the bathroom while talking to him?
And did you ever notice that when Jack is being interviewed for the caretaker's job there is a tiny axe sitting in a cup on Stuart Ullman's desk?

Looks like I need to watch The Shining yet again.

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