web based word processing

At our office, we've been moving towards a web-based way of life for our business applications for some time now. I use backpack for my todo list. We've built our own web-based CRM solution - and we're even working towards a web-based project management system.

So, everytime I need to use a word processor, I feel like I'm cranking up some old, rickety machine when I have to start up Microsoft Word. "Start up the Word Machine! Engines full power! Clicking start now! Ready your keyboard!"

When I'm working at home or on the road, inevitably, I'll need access to a document that's saved on my office machine. Why can't everything just be done on the web?

Well, finally - there's a web-based word processor that seems to be getting a lot of positive ink. It's called Writely - and you can compose and save documents online, share, collaborate and edit documents with co-workers (at the same time!), and even publish documents to your blog or elsewhere. You can save your documents as Word files too, just in case you have a need to crank up the old machine.

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