fruit parfait

The kitchen area in our studio includes a refrigerator, like most offices. Ours is filled with an assortment of goodies, including brown bags, beer, moldy stuff - and - get this - a fruit parfait.

Maybe that's not so unusual, until you consider who's eating fruit parfait in our office. Is it Leigh, since she's a girl and everyone knows that girls like parfait? Nope. Is it Kevin, who owns more bags than any girl owns purses? Nope. I'll spare you the rest of the list - and get to the point.

Justus eats fruit parfait. Football player/big tough guy/don't mess with me or I'll kill you/real man - Justus Johnson snacks on fruit parfait. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We just thought that was a little funny.

So much for the brand image of fruit parfait.

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