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Wow. What an event outside our window this morning. Just as we're getting into our Monday morning groove, we heard a loud bang outside on the roofdeck. We were excited that it might be some construction people, delivering the new doors for our conference room.

We ran into the room, and discovered that a pigeon had taken a suicide dive into one of our 9 foot conference room windows. And then we looked up into the sky, and saw a flock of pigeons, flying in circles around our roof.

Our first thought was of course, that we're about to live out Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. But then we saw what's pictured above.

The most incredible hawk was feasting on a pigeon buffet. Hooray. We're no pigeon lovers. It was an amazing site - the hawk's feast, the crazy little bird that continued to dive-bomb the hawk, and the other pigeons who looked on in horror. And of course, our lone suicide bomber bird. Welcome to Monday morning at VIA.

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