tilt, caffeinated alcohol

Mmmm. This will look good in our fridge. I know that the media is generally giving this new drink poor reviews, but then again, the people writing those reviews probably aren't in the demographic that this product is aimed towards.

I'll drink this - because I like sissy drinks that don't make me feel too much like a sissy. While Kevin and Dave would prefer a properly poured glass of Guinness, I prefer maple syrup on my pancakes, not in a glass. So fruity, caffeinated and sugarized it is. Hello Tilt.

Tilt's package design is unique and the graphics are really nice. Exposed aluminum has been done everywhere, but the seemingly rough, brushed surface is new. Nice work. Let's drink.

Sidenote: Leigh is actually responsible for introducing the VIA crew to the best drink ever, during our last employee trip to Miami. They are called Caipirinhas, (similar to a Mojito, without the mint) - if I could pronounce the name correctly, I'd order them more often.

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