this sucks

I find this story on ad-rag about the Million Moms pretty funny. Mostly because of personal experience. First - you should know that at the VIA offices, pretty much anything goes. And potty mouths prevail. So far, when I go home at night (and attend client meetings), I'm able to flick some internal switch in my head that prevents me from dropping the "f-bomb" every 30 seconds in conversation. Which is definitely a good thing, since I have kids.

But here's the trouble. My wife and I can't agree on the word "suck." I say it, my kids say it, and it bothers the crap out of her. I say, you can hear it on prime time television - what's the big deal? Turns out that I guess she'd agree with the million moms on the new dish campaign - centered around tv that "sucks." So I dedicate this f***ing post to my wife. Hope she's not pissed.

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