have lenny kravitz pick out your couch

This is a bit old, but wow. Lenny Kravitz started his own design firm. If Madonna can have hotels, why not Lenny Kravitz? It seems that Lenny has always had an appreciation for architecture and interior design. Vogue covered one of his homes, and everyone started asking Lenny to do their homes. So now he's doing it. And apparently, rocking at it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it's great that Lenny has gone into interior design. Apparently his interest started when he was a boy, trying to make his ordinary-looking bedroom groovy. He used back-lighting and under-lighting to change the room’s appearance. Now his sesign company is doing hotels and upscale residences. I haven’t used his firm because its services are really aimed at mega-rich people! I have had very happy experiences with Domane - they are an excellent firm of interior designers who do very impressive interiors. I have worked with them and they are highly professional and full of ideas:

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