We're going to see a couple of new festivals this year - all centered around gaming. The first is GAME, or "Games and Music Experience", produced by CNET division GameSpot. This event takes place at the Moscone Center, December 2 - 4, in San Francisco, and features a mix of music and game sampling. It's the first of six events taking place across the US next year.

The second is brought to us by GameTap, titled The Download Festival, which is a Clear Channel Entertainment event that's been imported from the UK. It's called the Download Festival because attendees can download tracks and videos of the concert's lineup.

Both events point to a change in event production that shouldn't be a surprise to youth marketers - where gaming is everything. But that's not the only audience. According to this article from AdAge, producers expect gamers to bring their friends, and their girlfriends. It's also noted that Dad's play games too, and get this - GameTap has identified a market segment they call Chills - "80% are women, who might come home, grab the bills out of the mailbox and relax with a glass of wine and a video game."

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